Danielle Tarento presents
Drowning On Dry Land
"the timing and delivery of the public schoolboy, courtroom antics are scintillating, reminding us how good Ayckbourn can be"
 The Stage
"well worth reviving"
 The Times
"one of the finest designs I can recall seeing at this address"
 Financial Times


Alan Ayckbourn’s deliciously dark comedy charts the unravelling life of celebrity Charlie Conrad. And what is Charlie’s talent that has endeared him to the public? That’s the problem: he hasn’t got one. He’s a national hero for being unable to do anything competently, a celebrated failure. When Charlie has an encounter with Marsha, a clown known as Mr. Chortles, his career, his marriage and his life go into freefall. What chance does the hapless Charlie have for survival? Will he be able to deal with the emerging truth about his life? And what about Mr Chortles?