Danielle Tarento presents the 21st anniversary production of
The Pitchfork Disney
“Philip Ridley’s glittering, scary fairytale...gets the production it deserves”
★★★★  The Guardian
“Philip Ridley’s first play, revived under Edward Dick to mark its 21st anniversary, couldn’t be done better.”
 The Times
“thrilling and disturbing... a marvellous evening”
 The Stage
“hilarious and excruciating... a thrilling evening in the theatre”
★★★★★  The Arts Desk
“Edward Dick’s superbly acted production”
★★★★  Metro
“a mesmerically powerful performance from Chris New”
★★★★  The Independent
“perversely beautiful... exceptionally crafted... Edward Dick’s brooding revival revels in the weird richness of Ridley’s script”
★★★★  Time Out
“a fantastic show, perfectly staged”
★★★★★  Gay Times
“Nathan Stewart-Jarrett; tall, beautiful and dangerous in a sparkling jacket over bare chest”
 The Times
“Mariah Gale in a performance so raw she might as well have shed her skin”
 Sketches on Theatre
“The Arcola’s production of The Pitchfork Disney is near perfect”
★★★★  Fourthwall
  • Chris NewPresley Stray
  • Mariah GaleHaley Stray
  • Nathan Stewart-JarrettCosmo Disney
  • Steve GuadinoPitchfork Cavalier