Danielle Tarento presents the world première of
Le Grand Mort
"has you on the edge of your seat gasping for breath”
★★★★★  West End Wilma
"funny, dangerous, troubling, bold and subtle all at the same time. This is not popcorn theatre, it’s art”
★★★★  The Upcoming
“stunning…modern theatre at its best and very sexy too”
★★★★  Boyz
"a supremely elegant experience”
★★★★  Remote Goat
"faultless timing and sublime delivery”
★★★★  London Theatre 1
“refreshing, confronting and compellingly truthful…a minor marvel”
★★★★  Live Theatre UK
"expertly written, superbly delivered’
★★★★  Spy In The Stalls
“an exquisite piece”
★★★★  Jonathan Baz
"an explosive evening at the theatre you’d be a fool to miss”
★★★★  Gay Times
  • Julian ClaryMichael
  • James Nelson-JoyceTim