Danielle Tarento presents
My Lifelong Love
"Stitt manages to be both mature and youthful in her writing; she sounds contemporary and fresh but always with a solid assurance that she knows exactly what she’s doing"
★★★★★  The Public Reviews
"this was a marvellous night’s entertainment... an amazing show that made me forget the weather and brought some well needed sunshine into a cold October evening"
★★★★  London Theatre 1
"an evening of heartfelt storytelling, stunning vocals and an abundance of on-stage talent. This shouldn’t be the last time Stitt’s music is heard on a West End stage"
★★★★★  The Gizzle
"a masterclass in musical theatre writing and performance"
★★★★  West End Frame
"it’s only a shame that gigs and material as good as this aren’t heard live more frequently. Let’s hope that Georgia Stitt won’t keep us waiting too long for her UK return"
★★★★★  Jonathan Baz
  • Simon BaileyGuest performer
  • Norman BowmanGuest performer
  • Cynthia ErivoGuest performer
  • Jamie MuscatoGuest performer
  • Eva NoblezadaGuest performer
  • Caroline SheenGuest performer