Danielle Tarento and Bronia Buchanan present
"the best original score written by a pop star for a musical"
★★★★  Sunday Express
"this flawless production is quite possibly one of the best shows to open in London this year"
★★★★★  The Public Reviews
'as colourful as a Gay Pride rainbow, glorious original songs and costumes that make Lady Gaga look prudish"
★★★★  Time Out
"a tour de force – a glitz, glamour, gender bending, drug taking, heart wrenching, smack you in the face type of show"
 Bargain Theatreland
"a great theatrical experience"
★★★★  Remote Goat
"Taboo is back for another go - and thank goodness for that...a hugely enjoyable evening"
★★★★  WhatsOnStage
"a carefully scribed masterpiece - a stroke of genius and a musical gem that deserves to win awards"
★★★★★  MellowDay

A musical portrait of a brief but remarkable era, 1980s London. These gloriously self-indulgent years, played out against a backdrop of mass unemployment and social upheaval, sparked a rebellion among young people which ultimately found its expression in outrageous fashions and a decadent nightlife.  These were the “New Romantics” – leaders of a phenomenon which left a lasting influence on both the face and fate of pop, fashion and social culture. 

Taboo is a story between a young girl and boy swept up in this exciting artistic climate and also focuses on two other young men – Leigh Bowery, a brilliant, anarchic performance artist and designer, and George O’Dowd, a young, rough-edged boy who arrives in London and, once part of the Eighties club world, becomes the surprising crossover star of the scene, Boy George.  From squat to superstardom, from rock to rock bottom, both mens’ stories are played out against the fantastic background of Taboo, the nightclub that came to symbolise the excess and decadence of 1980s London and subsequently defined a generation.