Danielle Tarento in association with Jason Haigh-Ellery presents
Gods And Monsters
"a captivating acid trip through the fissured workings of a fractured mind... suave, thoroughly engaging and slickly executed"
★★★★  QX
"Gelder gives one of the very best performances in London at the moment, absolutely compelling"
★★★★  Time Out
"The superb Ian Gelder portrays the predatory loneliness of Whale with acute sensitivity and longing... a layered, fractured story about a man coming to terms with his past"
★★★★  The Stage
"a marvellous play... mesmerising, gut-wrenchingly sexy theatre of the highest calibre...a must see"
★★★★★  Boyz
"The writing by Russell Labey is tremendous – and his gift for dialogue is extraordinary... original and authentic, the story is a bullseye choice for dramatization, and the realisation is excellent"
★★★★★  Johnny Fox
"one of the finest things I've seen on stage this year so far...emotional, intelligent, erotic and horrifying; this is a bracing gust of fresh air on the London stage"
★★★★  London City Nights
"an utterly intoxicating and frightening play, Gods and Monsters rumbles the very foundations of your countenance. Unexpected and unsettlingly dangerous, this is as unforgettable a monster of a show as it is a theatrical miracle"
★★★★★  Grumpy Gay Critic
"this is a triumphant piece of theatre... a stand out production and a must see"
★★★★★  The Gay UK
"Labey’s beautifully literate writing and Gelder’s haunting performance are spellbinding throughout...a profoundly moving study of a life that is nearing its end"
★★★★  The Beast's Pen
"sublime performances from his cast of five, who deliver with the skill and commitment one usually finds at the likes of the National Theatre...this production shows the wonder of what theatre can do - it can hardly do much more"
"A terrific performance from Ian Gelder is at the heart of this impressive play by Russell Labey"
"one of the most exciting, unexpected and utterly astonishing things I've seen for a long, long time. This is something you absolutely need to see!"
 Fresh Off The Stalls
"Gelder is absolutely marvellous in the role of James Whale and Austin’s Clayton is fantastic...a dammed fine actor"
★★★★★  London Theatre 1
"a very, very good play...a fulfilling night’s entertainment"
★★★★  Entertainmentwise
"an attractive and highly entertaining piece, full of humour but with a definite tinge of darkness"
★★★★  Londonist
"a great evening’s entertainment and a unique window into the mind of a creative genius"
★★★★  British Theatre
"Ian Gelder glitters as Whale. It’s a gift of a part and Gelder unwraps it with precision"
★★★★★  Gay Times
"as with so many of the best Hollywood stories, Tinseltown's shimmering curtain is slowly raised to reveal a tawdry, even if sensational, sadness"
★★★★  Jonathan Baz
"Rarely can anyone have made such an astonishing stage debut as Will Austin playing Clayton Boone"
★★★★★  PlaysToSee
"Gods and Monsters, produced by lady of the moment Danielle Tarento is a beautiful portrait of what happens once fame fades"
★★★★  Stage Review
"as good, if not better then the film"
★★★★★  Top London Theatre
"Ian Gelder gives one of the most searching performances of his career"
★★★★  Independent
"a magnificent central performance from Ian Gelder – by turn gracious and tetchy, wistful and impish, prurient and serene – that is quite the equal of Ian McKellen’s in the Oscar-winning film"
★★★★  Sunday Express
  • Will AustinClayton Boone
  • Lachele CarlMarianne
  • Ian GelderJames Whale
  • Joey PhillipsKay / Young Whale / Barnett
  • Will RastallDr Payne / Tozer / Lt Whale